One week ago my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a MUCH needed vacation.  Daytona Beach is one of my favorite places to vacation and visit, not only because its beautiful, but my parents live there!  That's right...they live down south and I chose to stay up north (whats my problem, right?!? lol).  Anyways, it was such an amazing trip.  One of the most memorable things we did was visited Silver Glen Springs in the Ocala Nationa Forest.  We got to swim in the natural spring, snorkel, and even saw a black moccasin snake...which was FREAKY.  The landscape was just stunning though.  Oh and bonfires on the beach are one of my new favorite things <3.

My dad and Sean got to play lots of golf, while my mom and I relaxed on the beach and soaked up some rays.  It was nice to finally see a tan on my skin again!  I feel like this cold and gloomy weather has lasted a bit too long this year in Ohio.  I am most definitely ready for summer!!

Along with bringing my camera, I took my GoPro.  We took some pretty amazing underwater photos at the natural spring and got some cool footage of crashing waves while having some fun on the beach.  Unfortunately, all of the photos that I took on my GoPro mysteriously got erased, which has never happened before.  I tried many recovery programs but apparently my SD card is a stubborn one :(.  However, even though there are none of those fun photos to share, the memories we made are irreplaceable!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots!  I am a sucker for the ocean and love Florida sunsets.  Wishing everyone a good start to the new week!