One week ago today, the most amazing man I could ever ask to be my partner for life asked me to Marry him!  Thats right, Sean and I are ENGAGED!  I have what feels like a million exciting emotions that I could spill out into this blog, but that would probably be too much to read ;).  So, I will keep it as short and sweet as I can.  For those who don't know our story, Sean and I have been together for almost four years....August 20th will mark that date.  We met while I was going into my senior year of college at Ohio State and he had already graduated.  From there, the rest is history!

I knew after dating him for three months that I loved him.  He was the one.  I told all of my best friends that this was it, I would marry this man.  Now my dreams are coming true!

So- the proposal....the best day of our lives (so far).  Very close friends of ours had called me to schedule a photo session on a weekday evening.  Sessions like this are typically hard for me to do with my full time job during the week, so Brittany basically told me she would do anything to have me take these photos for them (THANKS by the way guys, you helped make everything work for Sean's big plan lol)!  So last Wednesday, at 7pm, I arrived at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus for what I thought was a photo shoot.  The front desk staff was already in on it, so when I walked in they directed me to the 4th floor because, "Andy & Brittany wanted to start with outdoor photos before it rained."  Clever, right? :)

I walk out of the elevator, turn to the rooftop entrance, and see Sean standing outside all dressed up.  Immediately my heart started racing, and I knew it was finally happening.  There were lights shimmering above us, one of our songs playing, and the man I get to now call my Fiance standing in front of me with two dozen red and white roses, and the biggest smile on his face!!  I, on the other hand, was balling my eyes out, laughing, smiling, and just in shock from all of my emotions!

It was the most romantic proposal I could have ever imagined.  He planned it as a photo shoot knowing that once he popped the question, I would want pictures of our special moment!!  And he even went one step further by having the proposal videotaped!

I wanted to share some photos from our special night since so many friends, clients, etc. have congratulated us and asked how it happened.  It was beautiful, romantic, and absolutely perfect.  Notice these were taken right after Sean proposed, as you can tell by my red face and puffy eyes from all the happy tears! 

I'm one blessed girl to be lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. <3