In my opinion, no summer is complete without a fabulous vacation!  The trip my mom and I just recently took together was one for the books.  We wanted to go somewhere we've both never been before with beautiful sights and fun things to do.  So we decided to take a road trip to Cape Cod and along the way stayed in the Poconos for a day!  When we arrived at the Inn at Pocono Manor (which is a pretty amazing place to stay by the way), we decided to take a hike on one of their popular trails which was full of greenery, beautiful creeks, lots of rocks, and some wildlife.  The next day we spent a lot of time by the pool relaxing and soaking in the warm weather and sunshine.

We continued our drive to New England and once finally reaching Cape Cod stopped for a delicious lunch at a cute restaurant near the Hyannis marina, where we ate veryyyyy fresh seafood.  After finding THE cutest Bed & Breakfast (Liberty Hill Inn- I will forever recommend it to anyone and everyone traveling to the Cape) to stay at we drove another hour north to Provincetown to check out Race Point Beach.  Hands down it was probably one of the coolest beaches I have been to in awhile, with rocky shores and shells everywhere, sand dunes and bike trails, and crystal clear water.  There are also some great shops, bakeries, and restaurants nearby; we chose to eat at the Lobster Pot which was highly recommended and definitely had great food and drinks. 

Our favorite part of the trip was whale watching!!  We saw over twenty whales on the four hour long excursion, including humpbacks, minkes, and finbacks!  This was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had.  They are just so majestic to watch, especially when they are feeding.  At one point I had to just put my camera down and watch them to soak it all in.  :)  Afterwards we drove down to Woods Hole in Falmouth (southern part of the Cape) to explore "The Knob" which had another great nature trail and a fabulous view of Buzzards Bay. 

Martha's Vineyard was our last stop for our New England adventure.  We took the ferry over in the morning and spent some time walking around more cute shops, eventually ending at the beach and laying out for a few hours.  The view was incredible.  And of course, if you know me you know that I LOVE ice cream, so after soaking up the sun I just had to get some to satisfy my taste buds for the boat ride back! ;)

Our last fun stop for our girls trip was on the drive home, stopping at Penns Cave.  We took an hour long boat tour through the cave to see the stalagmites and stalactites, and all of the other formations that the rocks and water have made.  It was truly beautiful, although pictures from inside the cave don't do it justice!

I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite photos from this exciting trip! And if you ever head towards Cape Cod and need more ideas of things to see and do, reach out to me!