Fall is my absolute favorite season!  I LOVE going to the apple orchard (Lynd's Fruit Farm, specifically), loading up on different types of apples to bake with, and drinking way too much apple cider! :)  This past Sunday morning, two of my best friends, Kelany & Kaitlin, and Kelany's son Brody, and I went to the orchard!  Of course I had to bring my camera because whenever Brody is around, I just want to take a thousand pics of his sweet little face!  You'll see....he's just the cutest!  After the apple orchard we drove to the other side of the farm and went to the pumpkin patch.  They had some pretty cool white pumpkins, and even some that looked like they were about twenty pounds.  It was a blast catching up with my girlfriends and doing something fun like this together!

Remember to soak up as much of the outdoors, the lovely changing colors, and this beautiful weather as you can!