Yayyyy! The time has come where I finally got to photograph one of my best friends since we were 1 year old, Jaime, and her fiance David!  Their engagement shoot was so beautiful at the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley.  Jaime was one of my Maids of Honor in my wedding last month, and I can't wait to stand by her side on her special day next July!  We have literally known each other almost our entire lives, and to go through some of life's most exciting moments together is super cool.  Jaime and Dave are perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier for them!

Small world story- I've also known Dave's family since I was in 6th grade.  His siblings and I went to school together.  Lizzy, his sister, and I were very good friends in high school and we still get to see each other every so often since she moved back to Ohio!  Dave's brother, Steven, and I ran track together!  It's so crazy, fun and ironic that Dave and Jaime met, and when she introduced me to him, I was like, "WAIT! I know your family!"

As most photography bloggers know, it's super hard so narrow down favorites from a session to share with everyone!  Here are some of the sweetest moments shared between Jaime and Dave on Sunday morning.... <3