Friday evening at Milestone 229, Brian & Abby shared one of the most special moments of their lives in front of close friends, as they got engaged!  When Brian contacted me and explained his plan of how he was going to propose, I could hardly wait for the day to get here!  He had told Abby they were going to a fancy dinner with friends to celebrate one of their friends' new job.  Abby truly never suspected a thing!

Abby loves her polaroid camera, and Brian knew she would want to bring it.  So earlier in the day, Brian had taken a polaroid photo of the ring box and put that photo in his pocket.  When the five friends all arrived at Milestone 229 together, Brian and Abby posed in front of the fountains for a picture.  After their photo was taken, Brian went to "grab" the photo from their friends, and returned to Abby's side handing her the polaroid photo of the ring box.  He got down on one knee right as she realized what was happening, and his proposal couldn't have been more smooth!  It was perfect.  I was so emotional watching Abby's reaction, as she was truly in shock and speechless! 

After a bit of celebrating with their friends, we went off to take some sunset photos on the Scioto Mile.  These two were just beaming with happiness, excitement, and love!  I enjoyed every second spent with them on their engagement night. <3

Here are some of my favorites from their session.  Congrats again, guys!!!