You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet on the blog lately....I promise I have a good excuse for that!  Since Sean and I's wedding is in two months, we have been swamped.  I made a promise to myself at the end of last year that I would spend time to relax in the months leading up to our big day, so that I can fully enjoy the planning process and not stress myself out with booking too many sessions.  It has been so hard not to book more than five weddings before my own, as I am always so happy and excited to make new friends/clients. 

Some may not think it's a big deal to lay low, but for this chick, it is definitely hard!  I feel like I am always going 110mph.  But while I do have my hands full with other things and just life in general, I am happy I made this promise to myself.  Time to focus on what's truly the most important in my life; my fiance, my family, and my health.  Just over the last few months my mind has shifted gears from once thinking, "Shoot, how much do I have to edit tonight after work?!", to thinking, "I can't wait to get home and relax with Sean and the pup!".  It really is a great feeling.

I can't wait for the beginning of August though.  I have two of the cutest couples' weddings to photograph on a back-to-back weekend and I am SO excited to be part of their separate days!  After that, it'll be my turn to be in front of the camera as the bride!  This summer is going to hold so many amazing memories, and looking back I know I will have made the right choice in focusing on me for a little bit. :)