Happy Monday!! I can't believe June is almost over, this summer is flying by already.  Totally fine by me, as we can't wait for our little love to make his entrance into the world in just about 6 weeks!! AHHHHH!! :)

I've been saying for awhile how I planned on sharing all about my pregnancy so far, and I finally had some down time today! Sean and I have been so busy this spring/summer with wedding season, portrait sessions, travel, parties, and most importantly getting things prepped around the house!

They aren't kidding when they say you go through lots of ups and down during pregnancy.  Which makes sense right?!...I'm creating a human over here!  I'll never forget the day we found out I was pregnant, and it's been the best blessing ever since.  I think every emotion possible ran through both Sean and I's bodies/minds...excitement, shock, nervousness, scared, happy beyond belief.  I feel like I have always been meant to be a mom, and I can't wait to raise lots of babies with my hubby and create an incredible family together.

First trimester was rough, I'll be honest.  And that morning sickness is NO JOKE.  Unfortunately for me, I was extremely sick from weeks 8-17.  But after that it was the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy.  The second trimester was amazing.  We had a big gender reveal party which was one of my favorite days ever, finding out we were having a sweet baby boy.  I don't think I've ever seen Sean happier in my life...I even joked with him he smiled bigger in that moment than on our wedding day! LOL. :)  I seriously felt great though.  He started moving more and every little kick made me smile. It's pretty crazy and beautiful how my body has changed so much as the weeks continue to pass by.  Sometimes I think to myself, there's no way my stomach can stretch any bigger!? And then sure enough it does and it truly just makes me happy knowing that our boy is growing so healthy and strong in there. 

Third trimester has been pretty great for the most part.  Besides feeling like rolling out of bed or off the couch is a work out some days, I really do feel good.  I've had some major back issues that I started seeing a chiropractor for which has helped quite a bit.  Also little dude is still breech, making it pretttttty uncomfortable some days when he is boxing in my ribs.  Here's to hoping he flips head down soon! His movements have gotten so much bigger and we are able to see my stomach move around from the outside!  It's definitely one of the most special feelings from the inside and outside.  I had a beautiful baby shower and we feel so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by the best family and friends. Mila (our pup) totally knows something is up.  I can't wait to see her with our little guy.  She is such a wild pup but truly loves to cuddle and is honestly kind of lazy most days haha!  I really just can't believe he will be here so so soon.  Our whole lives are about to flip upside down (for the better of course) and we are so excited.  We decided not to do any 3D/4D ultrasounds and see his squishy little face which I dream about every day.  We both agreed that we wanted to just be 110% surprised when we see him for the first time when he's born.

We also had our maternity photos taken recently and we are absolutely in LOVE with all of them.  I had to share some (which was nearly impossible to narrow down).  My friend Kari of KariMe Photography is INSANELY talented and captured this special time in our lives perfectly.  We can't thank her enough and are so excited for her to come to our home once we are back from the hospital to take his newborn photos.

I hope to do another update maybe once more before Baby Dunn is born! The nursery is almost complete and I can't wait to take some photos of it all set up before we bring him home.  Mila already loves hanging out in his room. <3

And now a small portion of our maternity photos with Kari! (https://karimephotography.com)

Leila + Sean  Maternity-0068.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0147.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0116.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0186.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0210.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0213.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0247.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0271.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0282.jpg
Leila + Sean  Maternity-0285.jpg