Think of this as your one-on-one guidance session with me to ask whatever questions you may have about running a business, taking your work to the next level, post processing and retouching, posing, client experience, etc! PICK MY BRAIN! I’m an open book and while I may not have ALL the answers, I definitely have been doing this long enough to give you as much knowledge as I can. Each session can be directed towards your individual needs to help build your business! Whether you just want to spend one hour chatting about any topics of your choice, or actually heading out with me to a styled shoot to see how I work on the fly, we can make of it what you wish!


Session One: 1 hour, $200

Meet in person at a local coffee shop for snacks and drinks (on me!) to chat about any and all topics you want to learn more about to grow your business. Need help learning how to use Lightroom and want to focus soley on that? That’s fine too! I highly recommend coming prepared with questions and to take lots of notes!

Session Two: 3 hours, $475

Perfect for those looking to actually get more practice shooting and editing, while also having all of your questions answered! We will spend the first hour meeting to cover any topics of interest and go over your list of prepared questions. Next you will get 1 hour of hands on experience watching how I interact with clients and get them comfortable in front of the camera at private styled shoot. This will be a great time for you to practice with your gear, get comfortable directing clients, make mistakes, and push yourself to new limits! After that we will head to a local coffee shop to go over efficient post production practices and your editing process! This is by far my favorite session, plus you will have new content for your portfolio!

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